Ibiza Soap


Ibiza Soap, as you can guess its name alludes to the memories of crazy vacations in sunny Ibiza.

The fragrance composition of essential oils adds positive energy and stimulates action. In summer it is refreshing, in winter it improves the mood.

The first oil we used in the composition is our favourite, which is lemon grass essential oil (lemon grass) Extremely strong citrus scent, associated with fruit and sunshine.

Another essential oil we love is Ylang Ylang oil.

What does this mystery oil smell like ? First and foremost, the floral and sensory notes are narcissus, jasmine and banana. It has an intense, very sweet balsamic scent. We loved it for its aromatherapy properties.

The composition of the bar is prepared in such a way that after using the soap the skin is smooth, delicate and above all nourished. It is recommended for dehydrated skin struggling with excessive flaking.

Shea butter gently lubricates and has an antibacterial effect, protects against dryness and soothes irritation.

Castor oil provides a pleasant glide and thick foam, regenerates the epidermis.

Coconut oil removes bacteria, viruses and fungi.

Olive oil provides excellent care, promotes wound healing and has a lubricating effect.

In addition to the care action, in our opinion, the soap looks very original. Certainly the person gifted with it will be pleasantly surprised, and we can also enjoy it in the bathroom while taking a bath.

* All dyes used in the soap are tested and have EU certificates.

They do not affect the quality of the soap.



145 grams

Handmade pink soap, created for all skin types, especially for sensitive and dry skin


The soap is intended for sensitive and dry skin


almond oil, castor oil, coconut oil, shea butter, canola oil, sunflower oil high-oleic, olive oil, essential oil lemongrass, essential oil Ylang Ylang

  • Certified product
  • Product not tested on animals
  • Eco friendly product
  • Vegan product

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